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06-04-2012, 02:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Bobby Ryan Getzlaf View Post
1.There will 100% be orange. Burke originally wanted black and gold, and ownership wanted to get the orange in there. And since, more orange has crept in(more orange official team merchandise, third jersey, etc.). If we get a new design, orange is sure to be a staple.

As for the Flyers thing, there are few color schemes left, so unless you want to rock kelly green or purple, or the old school colors(clearly you don't), there isn't a lot to pick from. Hell, black and gold(Boston, Pittsburgh) is a better example of copying than the Flyers. You can use the same colors, but make a scheme to make it your own. The Flyers have orange and black, so you do black and orange and make it your own.

2.God no. Dallas does that(no logo, just the word mark) and it's horribly boring. A hockey sweater needs a logo, and whether it's the web-footed D, Wild Wing or something else, we need one.

Also disagree with the getting rid of every Disney reference. We're past that, most look at the Wild Wing logo fondly now(it actually is a pretty sweet logo), and the Disney era is long forgotten. We've carved our own destiny, we're not the Disney team anymore, and using that logo and keeping Wild Wing as our mascot won't bring down the franchise's credibility down one iota. We're not the only Anaheim based team to have a Disney movie attached to it, and no one thinks like that anymore. But, everyone's entitled to their opinion.
Well, at least you didn't disagree with me on the Power Players.

My issue with orange isn't that the Flyers use it, it's that it doesn't look good unless you are the Flyers.

Of course the orange doesn't look too bad here:

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