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06-04-2012, 02:10 AM
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Originally Posted by leaponover View Post
Haha, no need to delve into them. I wasn't really looking for proof just wondering if your rationale back then was more like, "i hope this kid doesn't get hurt the way he flops around" or, "I think this kid is going to be injured most of his NHL career and we never should have drafted him". I could see it being the former but if you were really thinking the latter than you definitely need to buy a lotto ticket or something!

Wow, if Hasek comes out of retirement I'll be shocked!!
He's trying to.....if some ape***t nuts GM bites, I'll be shocked.

Rick I started to think what a mistake. Then I saw him play. Then it turned to what a f*ing joke. As I watched, I saw the gambles and wandering and saw he'd be hurt a lot from contact, but then I noticed how he went down and scrambled and thought he'd be a surgery case. THEN I saw him start to bulk up and it was a sure thing. His joints would go to Hades. I posted as much, but that, I believe, is what my take on him was. Nothing psychic. Just a person who had two clacking purple knees in college from the game (and kneecaps that would gross you out if I moved them around - I got them much better without professional therapy or surgery. Hope to have my ankle move freely full motion sooner or later from a later injury, though age hinders that one).

I once called him The Chosen One, and someone one upped it with The Golden Child and he got that nickname. I don't take any credit but **** I can't believe I missed that one - it stuck a lot easier and was totally better.

Nowadays I feel bad for him since he's matured FOR REAL since his marriage. Before that I think he was a total fraud, but hey, I feel bad for the lop.

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