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06-04-2012, 02:51 AM
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Originally Posted by alpa View Post
I'm not sure but did Kopi block Kovalchecks stick or not or was he on the puck? It certainly looked like he was on it and saved a goal right there with 7 seconds left.

If so he did another outstanding save in these playoffs.
Originally Posted by alpa View Post
And I'm not taking anything away from Quick on the following save but if Kovalschtuck gets it clean that could be the game right there.
Originally Posted by Butch 19 View Post
I can still list a dozen "what ifs" from '93.

I am just numb. Cannot wait for Monday, then Wednesday.

Originally Posted by William H Bonney View Post
Possibly. Or not to take anything away from Kovalchuk but if Kopitar doesn't cause that fluttered (deflected) shot than Quick may make an easy save or it could have gone harmlessly wide of the net.
Then we all agree on that Kopi and Quick played it the best possible way considering the circumstances. Which is what I really wanted to say right from the beginning.

And the outcome could have been whatever but the effort by these two players is what really counted. I will choose my words more properly next time so there won't be those is all on me.

Now I bow and withdraw going backwards into the back with my head down and avoid eye contact.

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