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06-04-2012, 01:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Eddie Shack View Post
The Angels have had a halo around the A or some variation on it for most of their whole existence of over 50 years now. For years, the scoreboard in the parking lot was a huge A (that could be seen up and down the 57 freeway) with a halo that would shine at night when they won. That's tradition, and I like it.

If the Ducks insist on a mascot/logo it needs to be better than a duck face whose sole purpose was to sell Disney movies. That's not a history to be proud of. Can we please move on from that?
I wasn't even referring to the Mighty Ducks logo? I don't particularly want it back as a main, but maybe as a shoulder patch for example like we currently have, I don't even see a lot wrong with the current logo.

I am also well aware of the tradition behind the A , it would be cool for the Ducks to have a similar tradition, but we haven't, and doubt we will.

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