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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Rick Nash has bust written all over him

A burning question with Nash – what kind of center does he need? – only became more compelling this season. Nash, never blessed with a playmaker to his side, still has plenty of “junior” in his game, meaning he tries to do the work himself. A defensive-minded center who likes to shoot (imagining Ryan Kesler) would seem ideal. … Seems hard to believe, but the Blue Jackets center with whom Nash seemed to mesh best was Manny Malhotra. … Nash used to take over 10-12 games per season, which is the sign of a bona fide star at the NHL level. He looked unstoppable some nights. In recent seasons, though, the number of “takeover” games has slid well into single-digits. Understandable, perhaps, but it’s been noticeable
Nash seems to creep farther away from the net on the power play, too, playing more on the half-wall than down low, where he used to score most of his goals. Then again, that might be why he was healthy enough to play 82 games last season

How much for this player? Swap multiple assets. The $7.8M takes up a significant portion of cap space. Stuck with him for next 6 years. Priceless.
A defensive-minded center is ideal for Nash? Great, I guess we could look forward to him playing with Boyle or something.

I said about a week ago that Nash is no longer a premier power forward, and the fact that he is playing more on the half-wall instead of close to the net on the PP supports my belief. I didn't want him at the deadline and I still don't want him now. Too risky and not worth it for the cap hit and the assets and depth we would have to give up.

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