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06-04-2012, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Spongolium View Post
This is quite possibly the dumbest post I have ever seen on these boards. Kid doesn't break out in 2 years and he's a bust

Did you realise that our number 1 defenseman named timonen didn't "break out" until he was 27.

Shall I post a list of players that didn't breakout in their first 4 years, but became stars. Oh look, the sedin brothers didn't have a great start, they had 5 years of mediocre points. Both are clearly busts. I can't believe cannuck fans want them on thier team.

Some people around here need to grow up. JVR has just turned 23, not 28 or 29. He's only just finished growing, he has one injury plagued year and suddenly he's a terrible bust.

Sometimes flyers fans really don't deserve the players they have on this team.
Did you even read my post? And he's here calling my post dumb.

All these are 2nd overall picks just like JVR, i didnt just pick a list of random players so i dont see why and how you can pick a list of players that didnt just break out in their first 4 years. I never said anything about him having to breakout in his first two years. I said everyone of these 2nd overall picks has been better from their first or second year than JVR has produced up to this point including the fact he had 2 more years of development time when all of these 2nd overall picks went straight into the nhl. Hes been constantly paired with our best player and given every chance to succeed but he just cannot produce.

You guys are ridiculously overrating the guy and overvalue him just because he was picked "2nd overall"

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