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Originally Posted by The Nemesis View Post
Oh, and because I know people have been asking about SABR stat explanations and reading material, I just stumbled across this set of links from the Yahoo blog "Big League Stew" that encompasses a series of discussions the blogger had explaining a wide vareity of advanced metrics, from the popular (WAR, FIP, UZR, normalized ERA) to the more obscure (SIERA, Win Shares, wOBA).

It's not comprehensive, but it should get the point across for anyone who wants to know more about the stats that tend to get used most often. And I would implore the anti-SABR people (you know who you are) to at least give them a read so that you can maybe try to understand why the people you bash and denigrate see some value in them. At the very least you might be able to come up with more effective counterarguments to their use than "What a bunch of nerds! Baseball isn't played by computers! See, I can make up gobbldeygook numbers that mean nothing! That proves your position is bull****! I win!"

In all seriousness, I'll keep an open mind. Can't do it right now, (filling out time-sheets), but I'll find the time to read through it. I've never disregarded advanced stats completely. I find myself using BABIP and WAR quite frequently now, so I'm starting the lean into the dark side of the moon.

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