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Originally Posted by DutchShamrock View Post
The point is they made a trade to address a problem. Same problem as us.

And they had Richards and were still at the bottom of scoring. They had tremendous defense all season, but that still had the Kings in 13th place in the West. The whole team came out of the scoring funk at the same time, but it happened at the deadline. They lit a fire under Brown with trade talk, got Carter and the team woke up. Can you not connect the dots to the GM making a hard decision, seeing an opportunity, making a move and team getting back on track?

Carter wasn't the fix all, but Lombardi made a championship calibre move and we stood pat. NY and LA both needed help scoring. He got it, we stood pat. It's not a coincidence they are still playing.

I don't mind people advocating a pass on Carter, but it never ends. An impact move is necessary to get over the hump. They aren't winning the cup otherwise. No to Carter. No to Nash. Ok, fine, prices are high, contracts are high. Let's get a couple of 2nd tier scorers instead. No to Radulov, he's a me guy. 70 pt potential for a prospect or a first. Nope, not interested. The better move around here, let Dubinsky come out of his funk and wait for Anisimov to become this player he has never shown any signs of becoming. Why? Because draft day we called their names? Insanity.
Might be one of the best posts made on here since I joined. Well said.

There really can't be any hard and fast rules in this... there is going to be some gamble. I'm weary, very much so, of Radulov but if the price is right (i.e. low) then he's probably worth the gamble.

Too many on here are writing him off because of the incidents surrounding him... likewise too many on here are willing to forget all too easily the various issues he's displayed.

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