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Originally Posted by Kamakozma View Post
So I wore them for the first time last night, good news is I have so much more support versus my old Grafs that became like slippers. The problem is that the insides of my feet got torn up pretty bad, with blisters and pain. I couldn't skate by the end of the session.

Should I be afraid that these are not the right skates? From my memory this always happened to me with new skates. I am thinking I might bake them again and wear socks next time until they are more broken in.

Any advice/thoughts are appreciated.
I know its a bit of personal preference, but I would always wear socks. In the old days you could get away with not wearing socks because the skates were pretty flexible - they would give a bit at points of contact. New skates however are pretty rigid. Your feet WILL move a bit, and since the boot itself ISN'T moving, you can get blisters pretty easily.

Where are the blisters? Toes? Heel?

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