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Originally Posted by Chandrashekhar Limit View Post
Hey guys, had a couple questions for y'all.

How was Niemi last year during the regular season, and then playoffs?

I've seen quite a few Sharks posters say they weren't really happy with him, and were throwing him around in trade proposals quite often.

Is Greiss ready to be a starter?

Would you trade Niemi if a good #4 defenceman was coming back?

Just wondering.
Niemi was an average goalie last year but he's paid like one and shouldn't have been expected to be anything more than that. He's got his issues like most goalies do but he's not solely to blame. The skaters in front of him were inconsistent and were in many instances terrible especially on the penalty kill, where he was not much better either.

Greiss is not ready to be the starter but he's earned more games next year. The issue is whether the coaching staff is capable of getting off the workhorse nonsense and play both goalies instead of using excuses to play the starter.

I would definitely do Niemi for Gunnarsson. I doubt Toronto will go that route because I think Luongo will be in play for them.

Originally Posted by sharski View Post
Niemi had a down year,but I'm not sold on Greiss being capable of taking this team deep into the playoffs, either

IMO both Greiss and Nemo would benefit if they gave Greiss more starts, but TMac seems to play favorites with goalies, so Nemo pretty much starts every game
I think Greiss is ready for about double what he got last season. He should be getting an absolute bare minimum of 22 starts and should be looking at around 30 to 40 games. The issue is the coaching staff using their goalies properly and to date, they have been inept. This isn't surprising when McLellan stated when Nabby was here that he didn't know anything about the position. The only remedy might be to trade Niemi to get away from the starter-backup paradigm and go with two roughly equal goalies where the coach will have to split it up more and go with who is hot more and sit who is cold.

Originally Posted by Rapid eye movemenT View Post
I don't understand the "yes" to Galiardi.

I know people want to hold on the to Ginner trade and get something good out of it, but TJ was terrible. He takes terrible penalties, isn't very strong on the puck, and seems to be hella arrogant (just look at the way he chews on his mouth piece ala Kane).

He hasn't shown much upside since Col's playoff match with us, what makes you guys think he'll do it now.

Besides, according to the Avs and the NHL, he's still a snow...ball...rolling down a mountain?

Winnik, I'd consider for the right price.
You say yes to Galiardi because he's restricted and will only cost about 735k to qualify and likely sign. You also have to remember that when he was in Colorado, he was not utilized very well since that playoff series. He needs time to adjust to this system and these players. An entire off-season and training camp with this group and he will do better than what he showed here. Even veterans have problems with adjusting to teams from time to time. Winnik didn't adjust very well to the PK here. Now, that's not necessarily a slight on the player as it can be the system. Plus, Galiardi's only a few months older than McGinn. McGinn was able to turn his game around and from what I've seen from Galiardi, he can too.

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