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11-26-2003, 07:29 AM
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I actually take pride in the fact that Nashville doesnt have 1 or 2 stars carrying the whole team.

We have won games through group effort and hard work, and have taken points from the best teams in the league, and all without a "superstar". I think that speaks volumes for the team.

As far as Atlanta- Ive been impressed with how much the team has grown since the new coach came in. Id love to see them in the playoffs, Im ready for a new day when teams like Atlanta and Nashville are playing for the cup instead of watching the same old match ups every year.

Also, seems like an ex-pred, Randy Robitaille, is having a pretty decent season in Atlanta this year, glad to see that.

I do have to admit, I wouldnt mind having a schedule similar to Atlanta's. Its pretty sweet, although I wouldnt want to be playing Boston several times this season.