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Originally Posted by Habtacular View Post
Yes, but you also believe that Radulov only come back to the NHL so he could burn his ELC then sign in Montreal. Where are we going to fit all these players, are you sure there's no-one else?

well it seems pretty obvious that was correct, (Radu burning off his ELC)
Radu won't be back in Nashville next year, and RANGERS are interested why not HABS ???Why wouldn't you bring in a guy (Radulov)who was already a super star in the QUEBEC MARKET???

I said too many times now and long before the media start saying it , Roy in MTL=Radulov in Mtl...that i do 100% believe .

Yes i was bashing Gauthier for not going after Jagr last year(before he signed with Philly)....When i looked at our line up it was baffling how Jagr wasn't a better option than other players...blew my mind to be honest.In the end we did finish near last, so i guess that's why we didn't need Jagr.

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