Thread: Injury Report: Who Do You Think The Injured King Is?
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06-04-2012, 04:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
Perfectly said and I couldn't agree more. Gone are the informed and even at times heated debates done with respect and replaced are half headed ridiculous uninformed jabs or at best only one opinion. You, myself and several others but that's the way it is.
Come on Tonellisghost ... you know, I see you posting in the main forum a lot more ... and I see a ton of what you talk about there, so maybe you think it happens here in the Kings board a lot more than it actually does ? I admit I see a handful of posters that seem to enjoy nothing more than being the stick to stir the pot, but it's easily solved by placing people like that on ignore. It's a simple function to activate and even "old-non-techie-guys" like myself can figure out how to use it so I'm sure guys like yourself and PSP can as well, because you shouldn't be letting responses like that get to you so much that you can't enjoy your time reading and posting on this site.

Beyond that, you do have to admit sometimes the negative posts for negativity sake seemed to be everywhere, and that with the Kings recent success some of these posters have seemingly vanished, be it they can't admit they were wrong, don't want to eat crow, or simply ARE negative people and enjoy nothing more than to always look at the darkside of something and tell others "I told you so". Notice I obviously don't include you or even PSP within such cast of characters, because I don't believe you guys fall into that categorization, but sometimes people generalize too much and lump people into that crowd when they shouldn't. Personally I believe not a single person posting here will be happier to see the Kings finally lift the CUP and break all the long time suffering many of us have endured, than PSP, I bet he cries like a little baby for days on end after, and every time he'll see a highlight and/or toss in the 2012 Stanley Cup Champ DVD he will own at least TWO copies of ... come on Kings, win it for PSP, make him CRY !

Anyways ... my point is ... GO KINGS GO !!! we're all FANS ! let's do this ****! and bring it on home boys! damn the naysayers!

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