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11-26-2003, 06:33 AM
True Blue
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" was thinking the same thing except it's been more like 19 out of the 21."

Not even close. I may label some of the games as "must wins" this early in the season, but that is only becuase there have been no less than 6 or 8 games where the Rangers threw points away. When you throw away points, you have got to make them up latter on.

"I think Messier's icetime came from a couple of factors. If you look at the icetime charts on you'll see that he had around the same even strength icetime as Lindros and Holik but he picked up over 6 min on the PK. I think this comes from the fact that he was dominant on faceoffs last night and with a PK comes alot of defensive zone draws."

Those must have been some long draws. What does it matter how the ice time is arrived at? 18 minutes for a 43 year old is about 6 or 7 minutes too much. At the end of the day, Messier played 18+ minutes. Makes no difference how he arrived there.

"-Lindros on the fourth line doesn't concern me because if he is then there really is no label for the four lines. What I mean is that if they all get a regular rotation at ES then they'll all get those minutes. Plus it guarentees that Sather will role four lines which is great for everybody. Also Lindros will get his extra minutes on the PP."

What? No labels? Lindros played 4th line ice time. And how is there a rolling of 4 lines when Messier played 18+? Face it, Messier is supposed to be the 4th liner, but that role was quickly squashed. Under Jackass, Mess will NEVER be a 4th line player. How is it rolling 4 lines when Messier's linemates both played under 9 minutes at ES while Messier played nearly 11? Seems to me that if there was a true rolling of lines, then Messier should not exceed the ES time by such a great margin. Playing Lindros on the 4th line is not going to help us much. But becuase Jackass can't have Messier as the 4th line center he is supposed to be, Lindros is the one who is relegated to the 4th line. While Jackass is unwilling to play Mess as a 4th liner, someone (likely Lindlros) will either play out of position or on the actuall 4th line.

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