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06-04-2012, 04:55 PM
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I am not taking sides on the trade itself as I really don't have any strong feelings good or bad about this trade. But I did get curious about how several posters are viewing the value of a 7th round pick based on past 7th rounders who panned out. And that makes perfect sense. But another perspective I thought about in regard to the value of a 7th round pick was the following. The 7th round is the last round of the draft, and I assume the Pens pick is somewhere in the 20th to 25th pick in the 7th round, and if any draft eligible players are not picked by the end of the 7th round, then basically they are all free agents that any team, including the Caps, can sign. In other words, assuming the Pens pick is the 20th pick in the 7th round, and there will be a total of 210 players drafted (i.e, 30 teams x 7 rounds), then this pick will be approximately the 200 pick out of 210 players picked.

So essentially, isn't the value of the Pens 7th round pick in the draft to the Caps that after 199 other players are drafted, if the Caps think there is a draft eligible player out there that may get picked between 201 and 210, the Caps will be able to snag him with the Pens pick (just in case), because otherwise, the Caps will have just as much opportunity as the other teams after the last selection only ten more players away at player no. 210 to snag any remaining undrafted player - basically, undrafted, draft eligible player nos. 211 to infinity.

When I think of the value of this 7th rounder from that perspective, it doesn't seem like much value, without even considering the additional fact that it is a rare 7th rounder who does pan out.

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