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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
You sound like a ****ing moron.

You're comparing Jagr. A two time Stanley Cup winning hall of fame player to a player who has proven NOTHING in the NHL.

Highlight videos?

That wasn't a highlight video if one shift. That was two playoff games of not giving a ****.
His point was they ripped Jagr that season and labeled him like he was still in Washington. Basically ignored how he carried and captained that overachieving Ranger team. They are morons. And now you are using their same moronic statements to back up yours.

And just like a youtube highlight reel can be edited to make a player look amazing, a collection of mistakes can achieve the exact opposite. But neither is a true representation of the player. Don't be a hypocrite.

Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post

The list goes on.

Some don't learn.
Listing failed acquisitions... what does that prove? Don't acquire players? There can't possibly be a trend or lesson buried in there, it's a wide variety of players and skills represented there. What, don't get concussions?

I see that list and think, hmm we really need a finisher. Let's get Parise and force him to be a finisher. It worked when we made Holik and Gomez be the players we needed, not the players they were. That list tells me to get the right tool for the job, a lesson we learned well more than once. Expensive lessons at that.

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