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Picked this up from Denver Athletic this week. Every time I've gone to an Avs game since 1997 and seen someone wearing an authentic Starter mesh I've been bitterly jealous. I finally got a blank, did a lot of research, and took it to DA. A little work, lots of questions, and DA putting up with my pickiness, and here is my beautiful Peter Forsberg jersey. Fouls abound, I know...all on purpose, or just because I don't care. Those I know of: 2001 Stanley Cup Patch should be on a CCM, not Starter Mesh (don't care...I love the mesh, don't like CCM jerseys, and even though Forsberg didn't actually play in the Finals in '01, he contributed heavily in the first two rounds. and, also, I love him). The assistant captain "A": Wrong size. Had to get DA to put the current version of the "A" on the jersey to make it fit in the white field and not run onto the piping. Originally, DA put on the large pre-'07 "A" and placed it according to their specs. It was in my armpit and was at least an inch over the piping. Talked it over and had them remove the old and replace it with the smaller one, placing it on my chest rather than under my arm. I think it looks great. And, they were cool enough to stack the "A" rather than kiss cut it, probably making it one of extremely few small, post '07 stacked avs "A"s anywhere).

Edit: I recently removed the crest on this jersey, moved it down about an inch. I removed DA's small "A" and placed a correctly sized "A" where it looks best while wearing the jersey. New pics below.

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