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Originally Posted by hockeymass View Post
This is totally helpful considering Itech is still a company and wasn't bought by Mission/Bauer several years ago.
I'm glad that I could help.

Originally Posted by ChiTownHawks View Post
I would agree that the 9900 is not the best looking cage out there. I've tried to switch to a CCM FM 480 b/c I heard it was good and it looked a lot better. Well the FM 480 does look better, but it was also much heavier and the vision was worse. Needless to say I'm back in my 9900 now.
The CCM FM 480, does look nice. I think black cages look better. At least on dark colored helmets. But the vision is indeed better wearing a 9900 compared to a FM 480 and it's lighter.

Originally Posted by Injektilo View Post
I don't care at all how it looks, I just want whatever cage will be least noticeable for me while I'm wearing it. Looks like the 9900 is it. If I can't stand it, I'll sell it and switch back.
The 9900 will not bother you. You don't think of it while playing.

Originally Posted by Stickmata View Post
There isn't a better cage out there from a vision perspective.

And for those folks who think one cage is better looking than another...seriously? You think there are actually cages that look good?
Cages can look good. At least that's what you're hoping if you have no choice but using one.

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