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Originally Posted by mightyquack View Post
I wasn't even referring to the Mighty Ducks logo? I don't particularly want it back as a main, but maybe as a shoulder patch for example like we currently have, I don't even see a lot wrong with the current logo.

I am also well aware of the tradition behind the A , it would be cool for the Ducks to have a similar tradition, but we haven't, and doubt we will.
The Angels A is a classic logo... And works two fold... For both Anaheim and the team name... Angels.

The webbed D duck foot is simply a badly designed logo, and really isn't even a logo, IMO. Photoshoppers on HF could whipp up better logos than that.

A lot of teams are embracing vintage logos... Yeah we were the might ducks as recent as 2006... but it's at least a good logo.

And seriously, Eddie Shack... What do you have against the mighty ducks movies? I loved those movies when I was a kid... If anything the movies helped the team more than the team helped the movies.

What other teams have three movies sort of about their team? Including appearances from Adam Oates, Paul Kariya, Chris Chelios and the Great One!!!???

The movies sure aren't hockey's Ben Hur... But they are pretty epic, and pretty funny movies.

Wouldn't it be cheaper for Samuelli to use the mighty ducks logo, and bring back the old jerseys?

Personally, the only current jersey I think is worth keeping is the away whites.

I think we could have a bad ass black/orange home jersey with the mighty duck logo...

The white mighty ducks jersey is basically perfect as is... But works great as white with orange and black accents, instead of teal/eggplant.

And bring back the old thirds which everyone seemed to like... But which no one seems to wear to games.

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