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06-04-2012, 08:49 PM
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Originally Posted by californiacapsfan View Post
Well, it's as good as they could do now, but it just highlights the colossal fail that was not trading him at the deadline.
Because we all knew Holtby was going to be a beast, right? Hindsight is 20/20, and it sure looks stupid to keep him now since Holtby started and did very well in the playoffs. But Holtby hadn't even been playing great in the AHL at that point and Neuvirth's struggles were well known all season. Vokoun seemed like our best option at the time, and it took him destroying his groin for Holtby to get a chance.

Originally Posted by WetHog View Post
Caps get a 7th for a player they will make no effort to resign, and a hated rival gets a aged goalie with an ample 5 hole. Seems like win/win to me.

And I find it interesting to read some comments on the main board that say The Flower can learn from Vokoun, or Vokoun can teach The Flower. Vokoun and Neuvy are from the same friggin country and I was never left with the impression that Vokoun took Neuvy under his wing during last season. Just that Vokoun wanted to play everday and bristled when that wasn't the case.
I still love at the Caps Convention last year when they pretty much forced Neuvy to say that he looked up to Vokoun because he was a countryman. It was the story the Caps were selling, but it was pretty obvious it wasn't the case.

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