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11-26-2003, 07:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Ghost # 1
Which my name (for jellyfish)??? no

Ya I have to agree with JJ being overmatched.. I do like the guy. I also hope he sticks behind the bench in some role due to the good all round career that he had. He can be a good source of info for young guys, and has proven to work well with the youngsters .

The guy I would like to see as third line center is actually already here though. Chad Kilger can skate with the big boys, and can handle them physically. It is just up to Claude Julien to give the guy the role

This ultimately is derived from what I think is the habs biggest problem of all, too many depth/one dimensional players, not enough solid players.
Find "Ghost at #1- by Jellyfish. Great band/tune, if you like Beatlish rock.

I don't agree that Juneau is such a good influence. His flagrant dissing of Therrien is not an example of leadership, it was a mid-pack player with an inflated head. I didn't like Therrien, but he was the coach, and this is a TEAM game.

As for Chad Kilger, I can't disagree strongly enough. The only reason he still has a NHL paycheck is that he is a 6'4" first rounder that can skate (in a straight line only). GM's think that they can turn him around. Think of it. Ducks, Jets, Coyotes, Blackhawks, Oilers and Habs, all in 8 years.

He was born without a mean streak. You have to have a bit of the ol' @ssh0le in you to be an impact player. Have you seen Matt Cooke lately? Chelios...and on and on.

This is the NHL. You have to stand up and be counted. STEAL A JOB from another. If you wait like a nancy boy waiting for the tooth fairy to give you a proper role, you land up being a first rounder traded 8 times in 5 years.

We cannot make excuses for these guys. They are wearing a Habs uniform. They play in the NHL. They make an average of over 1.5 Million $$.

Summary, I disagree with you on Juneau being a good influence and on Chad Kilger ever being an impact player in the NHL.

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