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Originally Posted by jwhitesj View Post
It would be nice to hear something from the orginization about what direction they think they need to go in. I understand that they like to keep quiet about everything, but they haven't said anything. It's like the Sharks orginiation is non existant right now. I understand the finals are still going on and nothing happens until the off season, but I'd atleast like them to come out and say what they thought was good and bad and what they would like to improve on as a hockey club. The only thing that has been said from the orginization is that they wern't happy with the PK. Well no ****, everyone allready knew that. In other words, it's been two months without any news. I need some Sharks news dammit.
Well, they're waiting to see if the Kings win the cup so DW can announce which team he officially wants to copy for next year Normally, we only copy the team that beats us in the POs, but with the Blues swept, we need a new game plan.

Honestly though, I think it's because there's still so much in the air with the CBA, Phoenix maybe sale, etc. I imagine DW is working to solidify our coaching staff and we'll move from there. Wouldn't be too surprised if he's working every angle and kicking the tires as teams fall out of the playoffs.

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