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11-26-2003, 07:22 AM
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what is going on hiwayman??? you've got some great posts, but I would suggest staying away from the Washington trade prospals altogether - at least in any one that Jagr - and his primadonna contract and personality - are involved in.

as cap fans mentioned this makes no sense for them - but I didn't even think of that, cause I'm finding it hard to figure out how this makes any sense to the Canucks??

Even if we could replace Naslund's salary with Jagr's - which we can't since Nazzy is signed another year - it still doesn't make sense as our RFAs this coming season (as PG mentioned) should all get raises and will be difficult just locking those guys up.

and even still - paying a guy $6mill is one thing - if the caps decided to party on some of BC's finest and take on $25 mill of his remaining contract - but paying any player $6mill for 5 more seasons (especially a guy that isn't getting any better) under the uncertainty of the new CBA is a totally different can of worms!

A deal like this would be against everything that Burke has been building, and has more potential to ruin this franchise than continue to make it better.

I don't think there is anything on the Caps team that we could work out... I like Witt - but he's one of only 2 good dmen there, and it's unlikely they move him as a salary dump... and besides, a fit for us would be to move him for a left side dman we have, and unless we move Allen for him (which doesn't really make a lot of sense for us or them) I don't see a fit.

other assets they have that would fit our needs and financial structure also don't make sense for the Caps to move - guys like Zubrus...

the salary dumps they have - Lang, Jagr - are too big of a chance for a team like us to do... and Gonchar - who's I'd love to add to our defense, is a guy that would cost us a core player and then some - which again doesn't make sense.

What the Caps need are young inexpensive nhl calibre players (not Umbergers, as they have guys like Eminger, Gordon, Semin, etc, who are all further along) or Keane (who makes no sense in a rebuilding organization). And I doubt that we want to move guys like Cooke, Chubarov the Sedins, King or any of the young dmen we have... we're just too close to being a complete team to be messing with the team so drastically.

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