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06-04-2012, 10:46 PM
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Got the lamest penalty I've seen the other day. I don't think I've ever argued a call and always go straight to the box without saying a word.

Coming down the right with speed through the neutral zone and fake to the middle which gets the defender going inside then I go back outside around him and his ankles are all twisted up so he just throws his stick out my way to try and stick check the puck. He gets the end of his blade in between my legs and my next stride takes the stick out of his hands and he just lets it go.

Now I'm in on a breakaway with this guys stick stuck in my feet. I start making my move on the goalie and I'm a second from going backhand and finishing this when I step on the stick and my legs just split apart. I get the splits going and fall on my ass and hit the goalie.

I hear the whistle and I'm sitting in the net with the goalie thinking, "okay maybe I'll get a penalty shot." Then I hear the ref talking about a penalty so I think "alright that works too." I skate to the bench and as I'm opening the door the ref calls out to me "9 you're in the box. Goaltender interference."

I started busting out laughing but took my little time out anyway. Spent awhile laughing in the box too.

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