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11-26-2003, 07:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Jag68Vlady27
It shouldn't matter whether Gainey thinks this team can make the playoffs. What matters is whether the team is good enough to win the Stanley Cup. If they are not, then it's time to blow it up and start again until you are a Cup contender.

Just making the playoffs has become the Canadiens' Holy Grail and for the most successful franchise in NHL history, that's a sad statement.
Yeah, cause really if it isn't going to win the whole thing then it isn't worth even showing up right?? Tell that to Colorado... the lineup didn't get the job done, so they should have just traded away forsberg and sakic and tanguay and hejduk for picks right? Cause i mean, they lost in the playoffs so they should just "blow it up"? Start again... maybe you can tell Detroit the same thing, or Vancouver... St. Louis, Philly, Ottawa, Tampa Bay??? They all failed to win it... why didn't they start over?

Grow up!! We are starting again, just in a smarter manner than most posters seem to realize. You don't throw in the towel and say, "hey we can't do it... we suck. Might as well not even show up." or "Hey lets trade away any sort of product we currently have so that we get a 1-in-5 shot at a young Russian player we may not be able to import due to the lack of an agreement with the IIHF and the RSL". You really think that playing an 84 games schedule with a bunch of "young guns" who are having trouble scoring in the AHL is going to make us a contender next season?? What about the season after that? or the one after that? Do you think those players would enjoy playing in Montreal with the press we have here? We could go on... it'll be a while before we get back to the "Holy Grail", so suck it up habs fans, we aren't going to win it this year, or next or even the year after. In fact, we probably won't even get close.

Gainey knows more about hockey than you... once you admit that, you can understand that he's doing what's best for our future while attempting to run a business in the present. Face it, crap teams get crap attendance, so they can't afford to build any other way than in the draft. The Free agent pool is really good this summer, so maybe a little playoff revenue, or at least the revenue from fans attending games will help the habs get those older pros who WILL help teach and develop our young guns.

No magic trade will make a .500 team a Cup contender unless the chemistry is just right... and really, it isn't likely. Suck up your whining and understand the game and our recent history. Enjoy the little things like the emergence of Sheldon Souray, or the solid play of Brisbois, or the surprise of Michael Ryder playing in the NHL (and playing well), or the return to form of Jose, or the fine play of Steve Begin, and the presence of a fighter (finally) in Darren Langdon. How about Mike Ribiero doing a great job so far (4 pts shy of a career high already) and becoming more consistent, or the fact that Richard Zednik is scoring again with his linemate Koivu. How about our checking line of Bulis-Juneau-Dackell being productive.

When you can realize where the organisation is and can still celebrate these things and understand that they are all good signs (despite the fact that we haven't won the last 20games in a row), then hopefully you'll see that we dont' need to trade away all our assets just because we aren't performing wonderfully... we can work through things and become a team (in the true sense) to be reckoned with when we have the personell to make that run for the CUP.

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