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Originally Posted by Pick Six View Post
You can't be serious. He was far and away the best '96 prospect available for this past OHL Draft. The top players don't always go in the top selections, it's always like that. Seguin wasn't the 9th best in '08, Skinner wasn't the 20th best in '08, Domi wasn't the 8th best in '11 etc.

I'm not sure what you have against Ho Sang, whenever I see a negative comment about him, it's from you. Your other post was already deleted. The kid's 16, just let him be.
I dont think so, but to each his own. Id love to hear how u think he brings more to the table than Roland Mckeown? Its not even close to me. Roland brings so much more and then brings a ton of leadership and character. If u took Mcdavid off the 96's this year it would be ROland Mckeown who would be team MVP.

Mcdavid and MCkeown were co-mvp for the team. Judging by what u say u how could they pass on the kid who is far and away the best? All of the 96' marlies teammates and coaching staff saw things a little different than u did.

I only judge hockey players inside the hockey arena. Thats what i do. After they walk out of the rink its over, its nothing personal.

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