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Originally Posted by GaryinPrague View Post
When the op comes to winnipeg, let him walk downtown by himself at say 10-11 pm and he can be the judge. Winnipeg easily has the worst downtown of any canadian hockey city. Why di yiu think there are so many parking lots, because business doesn't want to be there. What makes it bad is, not many stores, and they all close like at 6, not much walking traffic, so streets are bare, a d alot of undesirables,who would knife you for 5 bucks. By the way i used to live on donald years ago..if you dont work, or go to a jets game, i bet over 90% of the people never go downtown,excluding the forks, which is kind of a seperate area.or maybe the exchange friday/saturday night
Worst downtown based on what? Crime? Businesses? Have you ever been downtown in any other city between 10-11pm? Try hanging around the arenas in Calgary/ business, no traffic, and high crime.

The rest of your post is purely rhetoric describing your ignorance of Winnipeg and it's population.

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