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11-26-2003, 07:29 AM
Joe Maximum
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I'm not saying they are the same type of player because they're not, but Smaller playmakers can take a ton of time to develop. Guys like Ribeiro and Brière kinda managed to get through juniors without really working, since their over average playmaking allowed them to coast through. And also, when a player gets that kind of success in junior by playmaking, of course his tendency will be to keep on making plays and go for the high risk play ( which in the juniors is actually a low risk play ).

What happens when you take guys who rely on deking and highlight reel moves in the juniors and take them to the NHL, they hit a wall. They realize that there are other aspects to the game than playmaking and making the highlight reel. Some take many years to realize this. But to realize this is one thing, to actually do something about it is another. The NHL has shunned countless Junior superstars ( corso, cleary, etc... ).

The important thing is to know if the players are ready to take that extra step that involves 200% work ethic and actually be commited to being better players. I know for a fact that in the past, Mike Ribeiro wasn't ready to take that step, he was a huge pothead in junior, and he smoked cigarettes. While it may seem anally retentive to check those details, well quitting smoking is one of the sacrifices you have to make when you expect to play the big leagues ( unless your name is Guy Lafleur or Mike Bossy ). However, Mike's shown mucho progress lately and I for one think that he is finally commited to becoming a better player

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