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Originally Posted by Headcoach
Here's a coaching tip that I post in several forums:
Why do more Canadian players shoot left, than American players?
Answer: They were taught the proper way to shoot.

You see, the hand that you write with, goes at the butt end of the stick. That part of the stick is used for the artistic side of the brain.

The top hand controls the artistic side of stick handling. The bottom hand provides the power. The top hand will allow you to move the puck forward, away from your body and backwards towards your side.

So which way do you shovel dirt? That's the way you should shoot!

Now, most people will say...."Which way do you bat?" If you bat right, then you shoot right. This is wrong. Why? Because you are driving through with the bat and the left arm is leading. That arm is the driving arm.

Same in Golf. When you tee off, the left arm (If you are right handed) drives the ball. That why your golf instructor will have you practice driving the ball only with your left hand.

The sad part is. No one ever tells the parent how to select a stick for their child. They go into the pro shop and they ask the guy for a stick.

The young guy working the counter says...."Which way do you bat?" Next thing you know is the kid is shooting the wrong way. See it all the time.

Thats why more Americans shoot Right handed then Left....sad.

Head coach
Does it have an adverse affect though?

Hard to tell.

I personally write with my right hand but I shoot right handed also. Am I doing it wrong? My stickhandling, shooting and passing would dictate that I'm not.

Maybe there are exceptions I suppose because what you say makes a ton of sense.

As for the original question, I have no idea how to answer it. It's a ball. Unless you have poor technique, you shouldn't have a problem.

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