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11-26-2003, 07:33 AM
Mats NAslund
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Originally Posted by adammacisaac
why would you trade our only ticket to the playoffs this year

we alredy have a very hard time scoring goals, and the only reason we were even in the last 6 games were that theo stood on his head and spun in circles. it's not his fault that the d aren't clearing forwards from the net.

also, the goalie market is in a depression right now so even if we traded theo away, the return wouldn't be very good

also i believe that garon could carry the load of the games, it would be risky to do so without a good backup behind him.

and in order to get iggy we would also have to give up alot of youth and it would destroy our rebuilding phase
I don't dislike Theodore but the fact remains he is our best asset! You have to give something to get something! Theodore could arguably bring Montreal a Power Forward + in a package deal with let say Calgary. Let's say Montreal trades Hossa Theodore and a 2nd for Iginla Gauthier and Reinprect. This would solve Montreal offensive woes adds a solid blueliner making Brisebois Rivet and Quintal expendible for another trade and Montreal is still solid between the pipes with Garon. I'm not saying this will or could happen but what I'm trying to show you is that you have tio give something of value to get something of value. No team is going to give Montreal what they are looking for (power forward) for the likes of Perrault Audette. Montreal has great goaltending depth thus has the commodity to trade a goalie. Because Theodore has a higher value he's the one I'd trade. I feel Garon is not far from Theodore now and will be better if given the chance to start more games.

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