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06-05-2012, 01:55 AM
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One annoyance of mine is the confusion over calling penalties on body checks in our rec league, or the lack of respect for the rule by some players. Last week I got plowed over after an opponent took a slapshot and then blatantly crashed through my body, snapping my neck back. It was not an accident and pretty dangerous only because I was unprepared. My teammate had his rib bruised and was out for a month because of the same type of deal, not imagining he could get crushed into the boards. The guy did get the penalty on that one and apologized after the game but ****, it didn't help my boys' injured chest.

I am careful to make contact but not check in any circumstance. I try to be completely sportsmanlike, but I still am realizing not everyone is on that page. Even in a no check game you've got to keep your head up, stay firmly grounded, and be ready for someone to lay a check into you.

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