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Originally Posted by Eddie Shack View Post
The second bolded sentence answers the first. You loved it when you were a kid. We're selling NHL hockey here, not kids movies anymore. But to each his own. I just don't want to go back there.
Well I should clarify... I especially loved them as a kid... But still like them today. I rewarched The mighty Ducks and D2 on YouTube last year... And thoroughly enjoyed both... If not just for nostalgia/ the epicness of D2.

That Iceland team was absolutely badass/ and Gordon bombays triple deke would still beat out 99% of goalies in the NHL today....

D3 is the one that didn't really stand the test of time... But even D3 wasn't that bad.

If you think it's not important for teams to attract kids to become fans of their team... Come off it... Most people cheer for the same team for life... And pick that team when they are a kid.

Regardless... I don't get your obsession with equating the mighty ducks logo to being kiddish/ means the team would be pimping DVD sales of the Disney mighty ducks movies

It's a much better logo, than the webbed D. We should at least bring it back in some way or form as the actual logo of one of the ducks three jerseys... And not just have it as the shoulder patch on the current thirds... Our current thirds are so ugly... Should be burned and forgetter about... Just like the wild. Wing crashing through the ice was quickly abandoned for being ridiculous, horrible and ugly.

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