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06-05-2012, 08:52 AM
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Disco isn't going to throw any one player under the bus. If he did (even if he was justified in doing so as in Martin's case) he would lose the respect of the team as a whole. I think it's been shown also that he is a "player's coach" whether he says he is or not and whether Shero says he is or not... that makes it even less likely he'll call people out publicly.

Don't expect any interview from any Pittsburgh reporter to be anything but "meh" this summer. It will all be the same rehashed stuff spoken a different way.

The only thing that could cause me to lose some sleep is if we do something like trade Staal and keep Martin, because it would demonstrate a lack of priority and honest evaluation, IMHO. The only possible reason to trade Staal (unless everyone is lying about how happy he is) is money... and if that's the case, trading the player who had the best playoff and who still has the most upside, because he'll make slightly more money than the player with the worst playoff and least upside (i.e. Staal will probably make around $6M hit, and Martin is not going to change his game)... that would be... dumb.

I'm not too worried about it. It is possible we keep both, but if one is traded I think it's much likely to be Martin. Nobody, not even Ray Shero is going to look at those two guys and determine at roughly equivalent salaries, that Martin is the more valuable commodity. Especially given the fact that we have 3 talented D in the system who will compete for a roster spot in September. 5 if we don't trade Strait or Bortuzzo this summer.

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