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Originally Posted by Komodo View Post
I think it was absolutely ******** that Burke didn't get Vokoun. Burke's inability to get good goalies has been his calling card as a GM since he first came into the league.
Thankfully you are not our GM. I think Burke did the right thing here. He only inquired about Vokoun and do to caliber and age was only willing short term...very short term. But Vokoun wouldnt have been the answer, it would have been like getting Connolly but the goalie would have been a bad band-aid. So now we know that Burke is going to take a serious run at Luongo, before it was specualtion. But as Luongo is the only guy (that we know of) left you would have to think Burke is going to throw everything he can into landing him, and really it shouldnt take that much. Luongo's stock is at an all-time low, career wise I mean. Luongo last year or before that would have been to high-stakes for us, but it is no mystery that Vancouver has to make a decision on Luongo or Schneider and talking pure contract, Schenider would be better for Vancouver. Losing Luongo would give the way more room to maneouver in the UFA/Trade market. But as mentioned a couple posts ago, this could be a blockbuster, where we see not only Luongo coming but someone like Ryan Kesler...he is truculant and can definately score (though in playoffs he died; however i believe it was due to an injury sustained in I believe game 2) that may have seen his production die off. Kesler though he wouldnt be the best center we could nab, would be better then any of the guys we have now. It would be huge if Burke could pull it off 2 birds 1 goalie...and we all basically know that schultz is likely to be coming here as well. I almost think as well that to do that deal our #5 pick is safe, I think it would be our #2 this year and #2 next year Komi and say Mac or Kule to get it done (multi-player).

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