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06-05-2012, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by HabsRock View Post
I voted to trade down.

Trade down to 5-6 and get TT or Grigs and another good asset for the future. This team could use all the assets they can get....
I would hate it if they traded down. The last time the Habs had a top 3 pick was 1980, trading down from 3rd in a weak draft seems silly to me so I hope they don't.

Imo the Habs #1 weakness is the lack of top end talent in the prospect pool, so for me trading down at 3rd is too risky so we can get an extra 2nd rounder.

Originally Posted by HabsRock View Post
there is no such thing as too many picks, especially 2nd rounders.

If they can trade down to 5-6 and get the player they might want anyways, Grigs or TT AND get another asset....sign me up
there is such a thing as too many draft picks.

1. You have to give up assets to get additional picks, in a weak draft I would not want to see us go for quanity over quality.

2. You have to think about their development, there's only so many spots in the AHL when these kids turn pro at the same time (unless we are talking about NCAA picks).

3. you have the 50 contract limit so if you have too many picks and you are up against the 50 limit it's going to cause a problem when you go to sign these kids before the June 1st deadline.

4. Cap space down the road. If you have too many good young players at the same time, after their ELC's are up it's going to cost you.

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