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06-05-2012, 12:26 PM
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One frickin win away. Unreal. I still don't know how I should be feeling, I'm still on cloud nine. I hope we win it on home ice, just so I can hear the Kings fans cheering. I'm in the middle of nowhere in Manitoba, and I have to be the only Kings fan in a 300 miles radius (or however far away Holden is), I need to cheer with someone.

As for the game, I think Jersey si right that it should have been a whistle on the first goal. Ref lost sight of the puck, plus Broduer, IMO, had it under his pad. That goal should have been whistled dead before it even went in.

That said, the Kings just dominated after that. Maybe it would have been a different game if not for that first goal, but we dominated and the Kopitar goal likely will be the goal that clinched us a cup. Jersey just seemed to deflate like a balloon after that.

I thought Gagne played well tonight and looked to have a good jump to his step and didn't shy away from going to the corners. I hope he stays in the line up for game four. Richards was a beast tonight, Carter had what was I think his best game of the playoffs and I have to give Penner big kudos for his game, and that says a lot since I'm sure many know how much I dislike him as a player. He has gotten better as the playoffs have gone on and likely could have had a few goals in the finals if not for some last second backchecks when he's been in the clear. Tonight was the first game I seen him play as a King where I thought he was dominate. It was nice to watch and if that's the Penner who comes back, I'm all for resigning him.

Quick was Quick, the defense was stiffling (outside of the final 12 minutes or so) and almost every player on the team had spurts where they were just to much for New Jersey to handle.

We have to expect a better effort from Jersey tomorrow. No team will get swept in the SCF's without putting up a huge fight in game four. Pride is a big thing, and Jersey has a lot of it. I hope the boys can focus and gut it out for 60 more minutes. GO KING GO!!!

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