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06-05-2012, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Rexy View Post
reread my post. I said he could sit back while his team goes deep, which he has done.

.910 the year he won. If Crawford put up numbers like that, what would you say? He's garbage

Crawford had a .927 last year, but as you said, he is incapable of taking a team past the first round, right?
I read your post fine, and I proved to you he could help his team win, which both a 933sv% and a 910sv% does.
You are insane if you think having a 933sv% while coming within 2 wins of a Cup is 'sitting back' as a goalie.

While a 910sv% is not that great, it shows that he didn't completely crap the bed like the past 3 seasons.

If Crawford had a 910sv% against Phoenix, we probably would of won the series, but he didn't and let in just as soft of goals as Fleury did.
Except Fleury let his goals in against an elite scoring team (Philly), while Crawford couldn't save a beach ball against the offensively challenged Phoenix team.

Last year was a good year for Crawford, but ya, he hasn't gotten his team out of the 1st round yet, and Fleury has more than once.
And don't give me that "look at the team in front of him", arguement. Crawford has just as much talent in front of him as Fleury does.

And something tells me you don't want to bring up regular season stats...I wonder why.

Fleury > Crawford, and you're an idiot if you disagree.

I'm not advocating getting Fleury at all, just simply stating who the better goalie is, and it's obvious, it's Fleury.

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