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11-26-2003, 08:06 AM
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What I saw last night

Hello all. First, great crack. We had a solid pisser of a time and I even met a bird who just left a moment ago. Not what your thinking but we had a capper of a time. Solid. I leave for home on Monday and have had a grand time in Southern California. I have been to a few Los Angeles Kings games now and have spent half of the dosh I have picked up here consulting on *Kings things* as my mate calls them. Cheers to those of you whom I met last night. Thanks for the pints, my head is still loopy from them and I will faint dead in a few moments. I am still in shock that you lot have to spend so much money on a beer at a game. At a football match back home it is the equivilent of 2 us dollars for what would be around two beers here. Of course, your stadiums are simply amazing but still. The other thing is that Motorbikes have to pay $12us to park for the game. Dizzy money. In tickets and food and what not I have spent over $550 dollars us and have been to three games. Still, money well spent.

First, our seats were top notch. Lucky break, someone had 4 extras outside and we nicked em. (could have used the parking passes but what bother) So, in between the second and third period, we are having one of them expensive lagers and talking about how great it is to see the game live and all and I am hearing someone, (an, ehem, rotund man) in a white Kings jersey with Allison on his back talking about how bad the team sucks and how they didn't do anything this seasons break and Dave Taylor is a *Puppet* and how "TL" (Tim Liewicke?) is a liar and a schill and how AM should be fired for his line combos. There were several of his mates standing around agreeing with him. I should say that where I live we take our teams in a different manner. Every team we face is a blood fued rivalry. Our coaches and Owners are like royalty to us. If you were to stand in a pub in my hometown and bash our team (my team is the All Blacks) or its owner in that manner you would be kissing the queen as fast as a jackrabbit in heat. It's one thing to question what is going on and to not be happy, but this bloke was just ripping the team to shreds. I couldn't take it so I walked up and said, "Are you a fan of the team then?" he said "does it look like it?" I said, "It does on the outside but look mate, why are you asking the team you cheer for and its staff to do something that you yourself aren't willing to do?" He said "wtf are you talking about rocko" (not sure about what that means but ok)?" I said, "you are out here bashing your team and talking about how they suck and how you are wasting your money and how bad they and everything about them is but you expect them to be these bleeding christ like supermen who smile when things aren't going well and jump through every one of your whoops. You want them to behave differently then you. Better than you. You expect them to be other than humans. Well mate, I am sitting right behind you and you spend most of your time boooing your team when it is on the PP or when it is on the PK and I have yet to hear you cheer them once. You are a hypocrite and you don't deserve to be here or to be a fan of the team!" Our mates split us up and saved me from allot of trouble including having to throw hands with a pretty big lad. Cheers mates.

The thing is, it's one thing to toss off about how you don't like what the owners are off to or that the coach should or shouldn't have done. We are all universal arm chair managers. (to borrow an American saying) It's another to go to the game to boo your team. I just can't tolorate it. I told him "try serving up your macdonalds with everyone standing around booing you, or are you used to that already". That was what tore it for him I think and not the smartest thing I have ever said either. I didn't get to see the rest of the game and got home a tad early but that was alright. That bird came over later and we talked abuot hockey and whatnot and it was still a grand time. I know I was off my nutter again on this one but, it still bares repeating that I will never get why some will actually spend their entire time booing their team and never be satisfied with its efforts. Is thier lives that bad? I understand that it can be bloody frustrating at times but that isn't what he was talking about. He was saying the Kings have always been and always will be a pathetic team. Those are words that get my hackles up everytime.

So, there you are, i am a loon for certain but i had a good time. I think that the refs were certainly after us last night for certain and that is evidenced by the high sticking non call. It happened right in front of the bloody fool. He saw it and let it go. If there isn't some sort on nonsense going on there then I am the popes undies.

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