Thread: Speculation: The Jackets Need Goalies
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06-05-2012, 02:33 PM
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Originally Posted by FANonymous View Post
So you're advocating Hunwick as the CBJ #1 and Mason as the #2 goaltender?
Hardly. I'd rather have Mason as the backup, York, Dekanich and Hunwick in the AHL and/or ECHL, and whatever starter-quality guy we can get our hands on as the starter. (Harding might work.) Recall that a significant portion of this discussion had to do with getting guys for the AHL.

Wouldn't mind swapping Mason's and Dekanich's places on the depth chart either, but I'm not sure if we can safely waive him. (Of course, that's not going to be a consideration for the Mason Is Tainted With Horrible Failure crowd, but, well, y'know.)

Originally Posted by HockeyRX View Post
Schneider, Booth, Raymond, 1st


I might go for that, but I don't think Vancouver would.

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