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06-05-2012, 02:03 PM
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Originally Posted by kimzey59 View Post
I love Jackman and have defended him for years, but you're missing 2 fairly important stats for stay at home D men.

Hits- 254
Blocked Shots- 373

Blocked Shots- 428

I didn't miss those stats, blocked shots certainly has some validity(I'm not sure I agree that more hitting equals better defense, especially when comparing 1.23 hits per game to 1.53 hits per game, both are physical players), but both of these stats are better looked at in the broad context of a complete defensive game, which is much better represented with the GVT stat. A defenseman could block 750 shots and execute 500 hits and still be the worst defenseman in the league. When looking at the overall defensive performance, I think Jackman is superior, and the stats seem to back that up.

Originally Posted by kimzey59 View Post
Allen is healthier, far more physical and a better shot blocker. More importantly, Allen is a crease clearer. The guy is 6'5" 230lbs, plays with a chip on his shoulder and has developed into one of the best "crease police" guys out there. Where Jackman has the edge over Allen is in terms of positioning and leverage, especially in the corners.

With the exception of better shot blocker, which is too close to call(in the last 5 seasons it's 1.77 blocks per game for Allen, to 1.75 blocks per game for Jackman), and healthier(in the last 5 seasons it's 107 games missed for Allen, to 43 games missed for Jackman, there really isn't any way to know who will miss more games going forward),I don't disagree here.

Originally Posted by kimzey59 View Post
Jackman and Allen are definitely in the same category as defensive D men. Jackman is better in the corners, Allen is better in the crease. Personally, given how we got man-handled in front of the net against LA; I'd prefer Allen to Jackman.

I don't disagree that Jackman and Allen are similar defensemen, I just happen to think Jackman is more effective, you seem to be of a different opinion, which is fine.

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