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11-26-2003, 09:15 AM
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Originally Posted by cover_all_the_angles
Ok. I dont mind trade rumors. Not everything you read is true and i dont know why everyone seems to think that every rumor is legit, even though 95% of the time it's bs. The media is bad enough in Montreal. I think the fans are really harsh and can be worse. EX:Brisebois.

Sometimes players get overly criticized and they lose confidence and focus. What makes things worse is how the fans seem to jump on the bandwagon and the players lose more confidence. You look around the other teams. The media is not as bad as it is here. I think us as fans should channel our support in a more positive then negative way. The media alone is depressing enough.

I agree with Gainey that this team has enough to make the playoffs and I dont know if they will be there. They got enough. Especially in the first 5-10 games of the season. We were dominant. I know fans harshly criticized Julien for playing the trap, and he's a good coach. He plays who he feels is best. Fans criticize him because he doesn't play the youngsters. OK. Let me ask you this Julien critics. Do you know anything about coaching ? Coaching alone in a professional level. Players development takes time and the worse thing is for the youngsters to lose confidence when their in a slump.

With him saying Ribeiro and Ryder has to be more consistant and Koivu and Zednik could give more. I agree with him too. Ribs and Ryder if they wanna become better players have to play more consistant game in and game out. Of course Koivu and Zed haven't been producing like they could.

I just think us as fans should lighten up on the team. Its not like we're the favorite to win the cup, and we arent' gonna win every game. But the playoffs are still reachable and the less distractions, the better the team will be. So dont try to act like you know how to run the team and who should be traded or who should be playing.

Oh yea. sometimes i feel some posters are in the media, because they seem to always wanna stir up contraversy and stuff. I dont got proof, but its just a hunch... you never know these days. But sometimes i wonder if the media and fans care for this team.

The playoffs are still in reach. I mean even though we're a few games under .500. I think wait and see how they do after Christmas, sometimes teams blossom together then. Look at Anaheim a last year and Vancouver a few years ago.

With all of this, Gainey is doing his best to keep the team focused, we should make the playoffs if they win more on a consistant basis.

I agree 110%!!!!

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