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06-05-2012, 03:25 PM
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I dont think anything legal that he says or does of his own free will should be held against him when it comes to getting selected for team USA in 2014.

The man has proven himself to be a warrior and a person that acts from the heart and not his head. I probably wouldnt have gone to the White House either as I respect the position but not the man holding that position. I dont think it shows that he did something towards this country...just one man in particular who many people cannot stand. I dont like the president, am I less of an American?

If he was laying out in the middle of a street like some of these wall street/UN protesters, then I can see a beef because he really is making a scene that is affecting other Americans...but he has freedom of speech, and he simply used it right or wrong.

As for his current play, he is still our #3 goalie behind Quick and Miller, so if he comes back and plays mid next year or in 2014 at a similar level, USA Hockey would be stupid not to take him. Quick is an emerging star, and Miller is still our golden boy with a lot of miles left in the tank, so whoever is #3 is not going to see action unless a ridiculous injury occurs, and if that happens a proven warrior like Thomas would get my vote if he is still playing at a real high level....though Howard is our likely #3 right now...

What would be cool is if Thomas decides to return to hockey for the 2013 WC....that would give us another top goalie and a chance to medal again if Miller and Quick are burnt out, plus put him back in the spotlight for the US and Sochi.

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