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06-05-2012, 03:38 PM
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I'll just pop this question in here instead of starting a whole new thread, sorry for the hi-jack Devil Dancer.

Ordered a pair of roller skates yesterday, mostly because im aching for a ice substitue during the summer but also to get some excercise and keeping the technique "warm".

Here's my question though. I figured, since I wont really be playing any roller hockey but mostly be using the skates for just skating, i'd go with the "fitness"-sort of skates instead of the more hockey-esque ones.
For the sole purpose of getting some excercise and keeping my technique up to speed, can I get by with the "fitness" style or should i really go for a hockey style skate to get the style and outlining of the shoe to be the same and avoid picking up bad habits?

Or is it just whatever, it wont really make a difference - It's just good ol' excercise?

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