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Originally Posted by CSimpson18 View Post
People like Radulov piss me off. All the talent in the world but a massive sense of entitlement and no loyalty other than to himself. I hope he goes to russia and we never hear of him over here again. He's really done a disservice to all the Russian kids who want to play in the best league in the world in the future. The "russian factor" becomes more and more of a concern in the minds of NHL GMs every time the name Radulov is spoken.
I think you may be vilifying him just a bit too much. Money talks, and in his case particularly, I don't think any team was coming close to the contract he'd earn in the KHL. This isn't the case of a guy like Tarasenko turning down $2m in the KHL to take $1m+bonuses in the NHL. Radulov is likely to earn millions more in the KHL as their marquee player. Disappointing, no doubt, but it must be difficult to turn down that much money.

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