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Originally Posted by Mindcircus View Post
Can you guys clear something up for me? Was Simon Gagne put in the lineup for Game 3 so his name would be on the cup when/if the Kings win it? Do you actually have to play in the playoffs to get your name on the cup? If this is true, then Kevin Westgarth is SOL unless he somehow gets the call for Game 4...
The NHL can make exceptions for things like Injuries, like in Gagne's case. No, you don't have to play in the playoffs to get your name on the cup as long as you have 41 regular season games. Gags played in 34 but since it was a concussion the league could make a call, and the winning team can have up to 52 names on the Cup.

Sutter will bench players who don't play well, and Richardson was out there for 7 scoring chances and the NJ goal the game before. He just hasn't been the same player since the earlier series. Seems like he might have been sending a message, or could have been resting Richardson in case this becomes a long series.

We will see who plays tomorrow.

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