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Originally Posted by Eddie Shack View Post

ChairmanCat...I agree that marketing to kids is a good thing and necessary. I just think it should be done with promotions, meet-n-greets, and things other than going back to the days of Disney.

Maybe I should add this too...I stated before I was OK with a logo/mascot something like the Penguins use. Just make it a new design. Lets move forward. As somebody pointed out, we aren't old enough to have anything considered vintage. As such there is no need to go back to the original stuff.
Well, I just simply don't agree adopting the mighty duck logo would be "going back to the Disney days"... Especially if it was done with the new color scheme... Black... White... Orange.

I agree the O6 (other than the leafs) have te nicest jerseys... I'd throw Philly, New Jersey, St. Louis, and the Islanders in there too... Because they keep their jerseys minimalistic... Which is hockey jersey design 101... And have timeless logos.

Theres not a whole lot you can do with the name ducks. I agree something like the skating penguin would be a huge improvement over the webbed D... But I'm not sure the skating Duck would better than the Mighty Duck logo... Or that it wouldn't look like the logo from the jersey in the original Mighty Ducks movie

The biggest problem I've had with the ducks since 2006-2007, has been the lack of a logo. The ducks are basically the only team in the league with no definite logo... The webbed D is half assed logo.

A lot of people consider the early 90s to be vintage... Plus adopting the old logo isn't about being vintage.

It would have new colors, and be on a new jersey... Hopefully a minimalistic jersey... Like the bruins or flyers... Etc etc.

I bet the ownership doesn't want to ditch the thirds just yet... But they are an undeniably ugly jersey...

I hope by 2013/2014, the Ducks have completely new home/away jerseys. If wild wing isn't on the logo... Whatever... But the logo should definitely have a duck on it... Or at the very least be a huge improvement over the Webbed D.

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