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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Those guys have experience, but you also have to remember that as a group they tend to be extremely conservative, set in their ways, and tend to prefer to always go back to the same network.

No, but it would have been better if Therrien hadn't brought up "work ethic and intensity" in a way that made it appear it was the thing the team needed to fix the most when if anything it was the only thing about it that never faltered.

I'm not asking for details, but something like "I felt the team's structure broke down and we need to recommit to a puck possession game with quick transition" would have been far better in my opinion. And this ought to be a goal regardless of your roster composition. A better identification of the problem that also hints that he considers it important. It doesn't help that I've seen too many coaches whose only solution to any problem was "work harder".

I'm not sure why you're bringing this up with me. I don't think language is the issue here by any means. I would probably have gone with Groulx or a francophone rookie coach.

Actually, Montreal lacked intensity from March until the end of the season. It wasn't pretty.

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