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Originally Posted by Squad50FF View Post
Hello all,

I recently just purchased Vapor X5.0's. I was sized in the shop and tried them on as well and they felt like the fit very well. I had them baked, and skated on them for the first time the next day. I'm not sure if it's part of breaking in a new skate or whether they don't actually fit me well, but the entire time my feet were killing me. At first I thought I tied them too tight, but even after loosening them I was having pain in my arches and on the sides of my feet. Prior to that the only other ice skates I've worn/owned were bauer supreme one20's, and I never had an issue with them. I'm not really sure what to do!
I tried mine tonight, and wow, they felt like I could skate better, I wasn't collapsing onto my inside edges like this / \ but was like this when just gliding | |. I was also able to move to my outside edges better too. The only thing was the soles of my feet killed! If I get super feet, do I take the existing footbeds out? I do have high arches, so better footbeds might help. These skates do feel much better technically though!

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