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Originally Posted by Captain Slow View Post
So I rarely post here but I had an 'interesting' idea and I wanted to gauge the interest of other Lightning fans on this one.

You know how many colleges and universities have hand gestures and what not, like the gator chomp at UF? What if the bolts had one where, and bear with me on this one, you make a lightning bolt with your hands. Extend your hands in front of your face like you're making a 'U' with the tips of your thumbs touching, your index fingers extended out, and your palms facing away from your face. Now flip one hand 180 degrees upside-down but keep the thumbs touching. Now rotate both hands 45 degrees. Looks a bit like a lightning bolt, right?
I'm not a big fan hand gestures, but if people want to do them then it's w/e.

The issue I have with this one is that it'll kind of look like we are making two L's, which will almost immediately be associated with "Losers" by another fan base. I don't hate the idea, start it if you like it, maybe people will run with it.

Originally Posted by Captain Slow View Post
I assure, I was not drunk or high when I came up with this idea. Just a random thought from a Lightning fan who is naturally bored when June comes around.
Hey man, no worries, it's the thought that counts. We're all feeling the pain of June-October.

What I would like though is some type of team song, like how the europeans do at soccer games. This way we can make a lot of noise w/out senseless yelling, not to mention how much fun it is to sing the same song with 20,000 other people(Think of how awesome the Forum was this yr during the anthem).

You'd probably need to think of easily understandable lyrics and get a large group of people to go to games consistently and sing it a couple times a game in order for it to catch on. You might want to get all those people to meet up at one of the open corners in the 100 section, or up by the pipe organ, to all sing together.

It'd probably take a while for the casual fans to get it, would be fun if it worked out though.

Sorry to hijack your thread and make it about my idea, lol.

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