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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Winning them is the goal, but we need to stop acting like what happens there tells us more about the players than another short stretch of games might. Cool stories get made, the team winning the Cup gets insanely happy and rightfully so, but as to what they tell us about the teams and their future, they're only 5, 10, 15, 20 games, and that is not a lot.

With the parity in the league, the playoffs are a crapshoot. A weighed crapshoot, but a crapshoot nonetheless. The best team in the league doesn't always win them -- in fact it usually won't. And this is all simply because any team has reasonable odds of going at least 4-3 against any other team.

Basically, you assemble a good enough team then you take your chances. That's what the playoffs really are. It's not poetic and it's not romantic, but those are sentiments team managers cannot afford.
A team's legacy is measured by the championships it wins. Not by the regular season banners it wins. That's a given. If you think otherwise, it's your choice. But history is made with playoff success, not with regular season titles.

I remember the Cups. I don't remember the league titles. I lived through many cups, and many league championships. Regular seasons, for me, and for the sports historians, are fodder.

What is the real legacy left by the Ottawa Senators circa 2000's? Zero. Nothing.

What is the real legacy left by the Detroit Red Wings or the New Jersey Devils circa 2000's? Poser la question, c'est y répondre.

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